Monday, June 01, 2009

Electronic Music and OverClocked ReMix

Yes, well I've seen myself listen to more and more electronic music lately and I just want to mention a few really good artists and albums I've been listening to. Beatdrop with his album Revolution is defenitely worth listening to, because it is great electronic music and the album is completely free. Also zircon, whose released several great albums in the past and continues to do so, I haven't purchased his 5th or 6th albums yet, but I will as soon as I get my other computer online (because frankly this one is killing me), it's excellent breakbeat, DnB, and electronic. Finally I have to mention SGX who also runs protagonist records at, more awesome electronic music. Worth checking out, protagonist records has a free music section as well, where you can download a few tracks from Mass Media Constant (zircon's 5th album) and some tracks from SGX, it also leads you to other great artists. OverClocked ReMix ( is a great place to find promising talent in the music field and is defenitely worth checking out for anyone who even remotely appreciates music. Very good stuff.