This isn't called a FAQ because people really don't ask us many questions, but if you are curious, we'll try to save you some time (if you do have a question, email it to contact@aratherpleasantsite.org and we'll try to get back to you within the next week).

Why is the web address reoganworks.blogspot.com?

This blogsite was created in 2006 by a blogger by the name of Reogan who wanted to blog about his life and stuff. Eventually, he asked others to start blogging with him. By the time things became a little more professional with regular features, changing the web address would've broken a multitude of hyperlinks as well as given the followers of the time a headache. The official title of this blog and the "organization" it represents is A Rather Pleasant Site. Reogan is no longer a regular poster and is rarely consulted on administrative issues (he still has full access), but we respect his legacy as a content provider and founder of the idea of a rather pleasant site.

Who runs A Rather Pleasant Site?

A Rather Pleasant Site was originally run by a group of people who met during high school and shared an appreciation for literature, music, video games, and the idea of blogging. The site has grown to include friends of the core group as time has progressed. Reogan was the original director of A Rather Pleasant Site ("head administrator") until 2011 when Met took his role. The "head administrator" is helped by a variety of other administrators who all have full access to A Rather Pleasant Site and all affiliated social media pages. The "head administrator" is responsible for the ideological direction of A Rather Pleasant Site.

Why do you still use a default blogger template?

No one bothered to change it since the beginning and everyone here seemed to enjoy it. However, we are taking a shot at building a real website at aratherpleasantsite.org, but it is still very much a work in progress.

Why is there a disparity of posts when it comes to the subjects of independent music, literature, and video games as mentioned in the "About Us" page?

The "About Us" page was created in 2011 and reflects Met's vision for the site. Prior to the creation of the "About Us" page, A Rather Pleasant Site primarily delivered stories written by the authors, poetry, or music reviews. The "About Us" page was an attempt by Met to categorize the focus of the authors currently writing for A Rather Pleasant Site into three main areas. Certain authors are more interested in a particular topic than others and thus the content that appears in their favored subject area generally corresponds to how active they are on the blog.

Why do you sometimes "stray" from your mission statement? Not all of the media you talk about is independent.

We believe certain music/literature/video games in this world deserves more attention. We believe that people put a lot of hard work into their craft and sometimes that drains them from promoting it as extensively as they might otherwise have. There might be a myriad of reasons why artists choose not to promote their work as extensively as others. In the end, We believe it’s important to recognize the contributions these individuals make, independent or not. As an institution that does not answer to any authority other than its members, we at aRPS are free to use our discretion when it comes to promoting any form of media. The majority of media we cover is independent. This is because We find that there are many people who work hard at their art, but do it on the side while working a day job for regular pay. The music industry is no easy thing to make money in. At aRPS, we have a vast amount of respect for art and I see the difficulties those who choose to pursue their craft face. We're certainly no experts on the subject of art, but I want the artists we write about to know that while we may be amateurs when it comes to what we write about, we still are capable of showing a deep amount of respect as participants to the works of art that are being created all around us.