Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Story Shards: Samples of Slash

Nyarlathotep sighed as Cthulhu took him into his arms, his tentacles caressing him. "Shall we visit madness?" breathed the priest softly. Nyarlathotep only howled in response as his idiot flute players played amorous tunes.Hitokages claws grazed Red's stomach, and the boy fought back a scream. Any noise and Green might wake. Red didn't think he's appreciate his lover going behind his back with his own pokémon, but then Green never did seem to appreciate Hitokage for the beautiful creature he was. His scales shone in the dim firelight as Red breathed,
"Hitokage! Oh, Hitokage!"

Bozo looked deep into Superbia's flawless blues eyes. "I should probably clean myself up and-"
"No." The tall man's voice was like music, and Bozo drank it in. "Leave the makeup on."
"Well, if you-" Something in his dressing room mirror caught his eye. A grizzled man twirled a sawed off shotgun in the moonlight just beyond the open door.
"Jacques!" Cried Superbia.
The evening had just begun.