Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wasn't Something Supposed to Happen?

Well it was... sort of.

If you listened to our first podcast, you probably picked up on the fact that while we're excited for the future of this site, we were also pretty vague. All those changes we talked about, including a regular posting schedule, haven't materialized just yet and I'm here to explain about that... sort of.

It is my understanding that the Meteocrity podcast has been delayed several times now by last minute schedule changes and feeble attempts that aren't worthy of anyone's ears. I do get to hear all the works in progress so rest assured I will breathe down the necks of those doing all the hard work likely to no effect (*sigh*).

The administrators podcast that we also mentioned in the first podcast has been delayed, this time not by me, but it was my fault that we didn't finish all the recording on one day as I didn't really prepare for anything and now only have about 7 or 8 minutes of complete audio. That being said, I'm quite sure this podcast won't run any longer than 40 minutes. In fact, it might end up being more in the 15-20 minute range. Given the current content and the circumstances surrounding the development and production of that podcast, it's probably a good thing it isn't going to be that long.

Finally, about the posting schedule we mentioned in the podcast.

The one where we post once each week.

The one where we maintain a consistent rate of posting.

The one that actually makes things interesting because there is new and better content.


I'm pretty sure that isn't going to go into effect until we're done with the two podcasts we're currently working on as those have come to demand most of the free time we have. Also, I'm under the impression right now that while certain authors could maintain it, others won't be able to. Therefore, I'm holding off on implementing it until the podcasts are released. It might be a while, I'm really hoping it isn't until 2013. Don't get your hopes up, but you'll know it's here when the first post that isn't an announcement shows up.

One last thing.
We now own and control
I can say with almost absolute certainty that nothing will be happening on that site for a while, but we've set it up, it's there, but it isn't really anything. We'll let you know when we plan to do a total transition over, even if it takes 5 years, it'll happen.
Since we now own that domain, we also have custom email addresses now. So, if you wish to contact us, please use the new email addresses (-insert author name if you wish to contact a specific author, and for general questions/submissions/whatever.

That's all for now, just stay tuned for next two podcasts and once those are out, we have no excuse for consistent posting on this site.