Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Song of the Week 34: 'Revolution' by Beatdrop

Alright, this is probably going to be the toughest track I've ever attempted to do a write up for. The plethora of elements and sheer insanity contained within makes it very tempting to just skip sections and be in awe, but I'll do my best to point out certain parts. This week's track is Revolution by Beatdrop (Dain Olson) from his free album Revolution. However, I just checked the OCR thread where I downloaded it back when it was released and most of the links appear to be dead. Luckily, lastfm has a place where you can listen to it in full. I must warn you, this is not for the casual electronic listener. The best way I can think of to describe it is electronic on steroids.

Revolution starts out with a sick drop pulling in some bass and lead elements in what already sounds like a complex weave of sound. 0:12 adds to the drop 'n punch (that's what I'm calling it) opening by throwing in some more elements and this sound that shoots straight down (this happens a lot and it's a fantastically used effect). Percussion sounds are starting to enter with the drop 'n punch, but the latter drops out at 0:26 leaving the percussion to "scuttle" until 0:29 at which time the track really breaks out with in-your-face percussion, some sort of tapping/ticking synth, and the lead melody. 0:35 shoots down as a way to introduce more percussion. The drop at 0:40 starts a new melody series which is carried up at 0:54 by a higher synth that taps notes out while the bass pulses until 1:01 when the bass holds constant and pulses which adds up to the fantastic effects at 1:06-1:07 (nice pan glitch, the effects processing on this track are ridiculously sick). There's a transition at 1:08 as elements work together in a new melody setting with different parts rising and falling in volume cohesively until the glitch effect leading up to the 1:21 breakdown section. This track has some amazing breakdowns; this one uses a sick bassline that throws in some percussion and awesomely unsynced hi-hat at 1:27. I absolutely love 1:32-1:33, this track is so good at kicking into gear with the shootdown effect at 1:34 and the aggressive melody that reenters. 1:45 begins a long glitch and effect heavy section that lasts until 1:59 at which time the drop 'n punch kicks back in to accelerate into a new section. Where the melody picks up and sends us through the cycle again until the new breakdown section starting at 2:29. The bassline sounds like it's coasting on pure energy and speed. The bass drum rolls back in at 2:35 as the bassline modifies a bit to account for the trance atmosphere. The bass drum picks up in anticipation of 2:48 at which time the high lead begins to just shoot off melody while the lower elements drive it up and forward. Glitch heaviness at 3:01 until 3:14 at which time another breakdown begins. This is the uncontested sickest breakdown I've ever heard. This is jaw dropping insanity, we've just been beaten over the head with a 2 by 4 and now you throw this at us? Absolutely sick. Awesome bassline, awesome trance percussion, and the awesomenest whatever you want to call it envelope filter. Wow, words do not do the weaponized feel of this piece justice. The breakdown section kicks back into gear when the snare comes roaring back in up to 3:27. All the elements from before are finally coming together. At 3:40 a new synth and melody cuts through the rest and this track pulls out all the stops. There's a percussion break at 3:52 that allows us to enjoy the insane bass along with the melody. The following section just flies all over the place in a deafening awe-striking wall of sound. There's a brief pause at 4:06 to 4:07 that lets us soak up the delay effects until the track begins its final run. I cannot describe this section in any other way than just saying it attacks. It drives to the extreme until the glitch effects finally begin to overtake it as it nears its conclusion and we're left hanging in the wake of the finish.

Pros: Basically everything you can think of is a pro in this track. Absolutely sick rhythm, drive, style, you name it. I'm still shaking in awe. This track never quits, never lets up the attack.

Cons: This album will give you a headache if you listen to it all at once because there is an overabundance of high range sounds; Revolution is no exception.

Overall: I was just assaulted by sound, I've been traumatized for life. I want to listen to it again.

Rating: 9.8/10

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Beatdrop said...

Very in-depth write up! Glad you enjoyed the song. The song definitely has a whole lot of shit going on in it, so props for being able to break it down and analyze it.