Monday, July 25, 2011

Nuzlocke Challenge

I, Reogan, acknowledge that I tend to start things. I am very good at starting things. I am not adept at the finishing of things.

Having noted the above, I now begin a new thing.

Pokémon has always been perfect. However, one of its many flaws, that in no way impinge upon the aforementioned perfection, is the ease with which one can travel through the games. The Nuzlocke Challenge adds two simple rules to the game.

1. If your pokémon faints (is defeated in battle), it is dead. Release it. No exceptions.
2. When you enter a new area, you may try to catch the first pokémon you see. Whether you succeed or fail, you may catch nothing more in the area.

This makes you care about your pokémon, and adds more fluff to what quickly becomes a very meta game. I recently began a Ruby Nuzlocke. I added two more rules, both very common amongst Nuzlockers:

3. Every pokémon must be named. This makes them all the more precious.
4. Only one pokéball may be bought per mart. 

Now, in addition to the original Nuzlocke Comic (linked above), there are many Fan Comics. (You should stop reading this right now, click that link, and read all of Freddy's. They are easily my favorite.) So, in that spirit, I will make a comic of my own, ignoring entirely the fact that I cannot draw in the least and never made a comic before (discounting a two-page, lined-paper, stick figure, Spanish language wonder in which the subjects of sombreros, Taco Bell, and dead wives are explored).

Please don't laugh.


Elphaba said...

The Taco Bell hat comic! I loved that! I still remember when I translated that into German. (No idea where the translation is, though.) Good times, good times.

Reogan said...

Mi esposa esta muerta!

Si... Y tengo hambre.

Elphaba said...

Quiero Taco Bell.

Anonymous said...

I ended up adding a new rule for my own Nuzlocke: If it's shiny (which that almost never happens), you're allowed to catch it. I caught a purple Wurmple :)

randyman8 said...

In perfection there must be an itty-bitty little bit of imperfection, if only to make it all more perfect.

Qupar said...

isn't that kind of like saying there's an itty-bit of white in black?