Thursday, August 11, 2011

Metroid: 25 Years

No, I didn't completely forget about the 25th anniversary of the video game that started it all for me. I can't really say that I've been busy, just that I've been lazy in posting. There is a lot of stuff I plan to do with RPS in the future and I have a lot of posts I want to write, it's just not getting done. I'll step it up in the coming month, but in the meantime this is my "filler" seeing as the 25th anniversary of Metroid was about a week ago. The Metroid franchise has some great music (most of it by Kenji Yamamoto) and if I had never done a google search for Super Metroid music, I would've never found OverClocked ReMix. As a result of this event, there have been two albums that have come to my attention courtesy of OCR.

Harmony of a Hunter (OCR thread here): Harmony of a Hunter is a two disc album of about 2 and a half hours containing music from various artists and in different styles. Overall, I've been very impressed with the general quality of the music, although not strictly up to OCR standards, pretty darn close. There's about a 40% chance we'll feature something from this album as a SotW in the coming year, largely depends on Marim's reaction to the album as I currently have a large project in the works.

Crystal Flash EP (OCR thread here): One of the tracks in this album has already been posted on OCR and I must say I love the style. This is some refreshing stuff that I'll definitely be recommending to everyone interested. I can almost guarantee that this album will soon see action as a SotW (likely the track already on OCR). Personally, I have listened to this album 7 times in the last 3 days; very impressive for someone like me who's usually absorbed in soundtracks while working. Overall, this album comes with extremely high recommendation from myself. The piano, etheral, IDM style is absolutely perfect for a Metroid remix album and you gotta love the cover art.

Metroid Suite (OCR thread here): It's not an album, but it's an epic 10 minute or so tribute to the music of Metroid done by Shnabubula (Samuel Ascher-Weiss). Definitely worth watching the video on ign, but if you just want to download it, go here.

What you have here is a lot of music from a very good established video game franchise remixed by experienced musicians who've really put something together. Lot's of good stuff to listen to here.

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