Thursday, September 22, 2011


You can't escape.

It will always find you.

It can come anywhere.

Any time.

Any situation.

What will you do then?

Greet it like an old friend?

Reject it and lose something precious to you?

A game isn't the only thing you'll lose.

You'll lose your sanity.

Your mind.

And yet,

You feel safe.


Like you have the power to win.


You're destroying yourself.

Your efforts are useless.

It eats away at others, but nothing stops it from consuming you.

You can't deny it.

It's here.

Nothing can stop a Kangaskhan.


Met said...

The formatting here sort of sucks, but I get the idea. Hope you expand with some more Thursday Thoughts in the future and I'm sure your style will improve with time. At least we have one post in September now.

Marim said...

I didn't even know what I was supposed to do to make it, so I don't blame you that you think it sucks :(

Met said...

You could try looking at previous Thursday Thoughts posts for one.

Marim said...

Or somebody else could write up Thursday Thoughts posts since this isn't exactly my forte.