Monday, July 12, 2010


With a twist of his wrist, Lief slid the block into place. He lifted his head to see what was next, and a spray of water caught him in the face. He ducked, and saw it spouted from a sink in the corner.
Of course there's a sink now. Why not? And why shouldn't it shoot water against the wall? He sighed. After he left the group, everything had gone strange on him. But he had to keep going. That much he knew. But what was next? The sink was plain porcelain, and all it did was spout water onto a wall. Otherwise the room was bare.
Hurry, the church bells will chime soon.  
"What does that even mean?" cried Lief. He was tired, and the world was wrong. But what was he supposed to do. The blocks were in place, the door gone, and the sink sat there quietly shooting water onto
a crack in the wall. Lief quickly crawled over to the point, and set his fingernails at the crack. Saying a prayer, he pulled at the wall.

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