Thursday, February 03, 2011

Conversations With the Internet I

"Scandinavia is pretty awesome you know."

"That's nice. Hey, do you think a pidgeotto could lift a-"

"Especially Denmark."

"I really want to get this chapter written. The Apocalypse has been-"

"They were the first country to allow registered partnerships for homosexuals."

"That has nothing to do with Pokémon."

"This Gary/Ash slash says otherwise."

"Wow. Burned into my brain now, thanks. Can I please just get back to work?"

"They were also the first to legalize pornography."

"Again, this isn't helping with my artistic reenvisioning that is not fanfiction."


"Augh! Why would someone even think of that, much less draw it?"

"There's an entire gallery, if you'd like."

"No! Just close it. I don't need to waste more money on buying bleach to melt that from my retinas. And erase the browser history."

"Done. Say, did you know-"

"Stop. Does this have anything to do with Pokémon?"


"Does it also involve Denmark?"


"I don't want to know."


"Let's see. ...Red then picked it up and examined the strange-"

"Bestiality's legal there."



Xanthurian said...

Troll Face!

This is actually quite hilarious, though I wonder how/why you actually know that... erm...

That aside, this is an excellent piece of -what?- satire.

Again, this is why it's ReoganWorks.

Reogan said...

Why wouldn't I?

Elphaba said...

SATW rocks! Yay, Denmark! :D