Friday, February 18, 2011

Major Inactivity and Other Logistical Issues

Here's one of those oh-so-exciting announcement posts...

As you've already noticed, we've fallen from our promise of posting quality every single day to apparently not posting for an entire week straight. Reogan had Song of the Week this week and he claims it appeared, but I'm staring at the page and nothing new is showing up. Regardless, that post will now show up this coming Wednesday (the 23rd). I've already written a Song of the Week for the following week (March 3rd), and Marim should continue to supply us with the .5 editions as we move along. Personally speaking, right now it looks as if everyone is in a slump of the "literature type" writing that's sustained us in the past. It's not like I personally make a big impact there, but I'll admit it isn't that hard to write a Thursday Thoughts for every week. Simply put, we appear to be slacking off for whatever reason. Keeping that in mind, here's what I got: Marim appears to be the only blogger who posts with regularity (even if it is last second procrastination type regularity). Therefore, we either start finding more excuses to post music reviews (doubling up Song of the Week or reawakening Song of the Day), we migrate Marim to a joint "lit" role, or we simply let things sit the way they are. I'm open to all reader feedback and since it's likely I won't get any with this post, we'll basically go with the last option (keeping things the way they are). I will try to contribute more often, but other than Song of the Week/Day and Thursday Thoughts, I doubt I'll be writing fiction any time soon. There's also another issue: I'm away on business for the next week or so and won't be back until the very end of the month. This means that if things hold consistent, the homepage for this blog will barely change over the next week or so. I'm alright with this as long as it doesn't extend beyond a week or two. Thoughts?


Marim said...

Just so you know, I need more songs for .5 editions. You only put two on the list, and I've posted a review for both of them.

Xanthurian said...

My apologies, I have been terribly disorganized and my new semester started a couple weeks ago... Also I've been slacking...... Ya, I have no excuse... Anyway, I'll be gone for most of the weekend and won't really have comp access. However, once I get back I'll write up some stuff and maybe post some drawings.. In other words, I hope things pick up here... Seems like since facebook has made us slack off a bit...

Met said...

I've sorted out minor logistics, but I need a conference meeting before I set us a new course.

Conference Meeting = Marim, Xanthurian, Reogan, and Met

Xanthurian said...

What would we be using and when? Skype would work, but I don't know my schedule as of yet..

Met said...

Skype is good, but since I'm gone for a bit this won't happen for another month or so I assume.

Reogan said...

C'mon everyone, let's fix it before Met gets back! Then we'll call it a birthday present and not have to get him a thing this year.

Marim said...

1) This is a comment, which is good. We need more comments.

2) Reogan, you're back! I've been sort of lonely on this yay! I'm not the only one who has to provide posts here!

3) I don't have skype.

4) A reply to the latest comment: Where the heck did Met go? 0_o

5) Another reply to the last comment: We'll fix it. All it takes is dedication (and maybe more).

6) Yet another reply to the last comment: I'll help! Or...I'll at least try to help...because I don't know if I do much to help.

7) Who votes that I shut up and stop talking? I do!

8) That's it. This comment is officially over!

Reogan said...

Replies to my dearest Marim:

1. Yes, though self-referential comments tend towards weakness.

2. You mean "...gets to provide posts..."

3. You have a month. I suppose.

4. He was abducted into the future to be sent back into yesterday to mend noon in a fortnight. This kind of thing takes time.

5. Then we will give dedication and more. Unless more doesn't mean virgin sacrifices. Because, I've a few virgins to sacrifice left over from my last ritual, and they'll go bad if I wait too long.

6. You've become the most consistent force on this blog. I remain only the sporadic madness.

7. Objection!

8. You were right.

Marim said...

Replies towards the reply of my other reply:

1) Isn't this grand? This is the ninth comment on this post.

2) True, but sometimes I have to post when at times I don't really want to.

3) Like that'll ever happen.

4) That has to be the most interesting story I've heard today thus far.

5) Really, Reogan? Stop breaking my mind! Time to go back to "therapy"'re lucky you can't do that on Friday.

6) Eh, not really. I may have a high quantity of posts, but who says that my quality is any good?

7) ...I'm back.

8) For once.

Reogan said...

5. I will hunt you down.

Marim said...

0_o....*flees *

Reogan said...

You can run, but you can neither create nor destroy matter.