Saturday, August 21, 2010


The pool was clear and calm. Carved from the rock, it gave the water a healthy green tinge. The temperature gave no cause for complaint. We simply floated, talking and laughing.
Then, all at once, everything changed. They wanted to dive. I refused, but they pulled at me. I struggled away, and they swam off without me. I tried to swim back to where I had been, where on girl still waited, but I found myself caught in a current. Vainly I fought, gaining nothing.
"Help!" I cried. The girl looked at me with wide  eyes and slowly shook her head.
Knowing my fight to be useless, I surrendered. Instantly, I was whisked over the edge. I hung for a moment in the abyss, next to one other who had yet to fall. Below was the most beautiful pool I had ever seen. In the center, directly below me, was a spire of stone, covered in gigantic blossoms. Gravity began to take hold.
I closed my eyes.

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