Sunday, August 29, 2010

Seven Cities: Prologue

The door creaked open, letting a ray of light into the long-dark room. The room's occupant made no sign that he noticed. When the man entered the room, shoes clicking against the icy tile, he found it suddenly hard to breathe. He continued nonetheless, and sat at the table opposite the prisoner.
"It finally happened." he said.
The prisoner didn't move.
"You were-" he swallowed, "You were right."
The prisoner didn't move.
"I'm going against regulations coming here, you know. But if you can stop it-" he stopped as the creature seated across from him opened his eyes
Release me.
"If you help us, we could possibly arrange something." The man was sweating now. It felt like that voice pierced his mind.
You lie.
"I promise that if you-"
All words are meaningless without action. You have nothing to give me. You are dismissed.
Suddenly it seemed as if all of the man's skin was melting in the fires of hell. He ran from the room, which locked behind him.
In an hour he was two states away.


Xanthurian said...

This sounds amazing and I am very interested to see how it turns out. Dark post-apoc is always an interesting genre especially with strange telepathic creatures... Is this the main character or simply a taste of the world?

Reogan said...

I won't deny that your suspicion is valid, but how could you know this is "post-apoc"?

Your other questions will be answered as the story grows. Hopefully.

Xanthurian said...

This is true, but the tone of the story lends itself to post-apoc, to me that is... Yes, a lot of things are answered as the story grows...

Elphaba said...

Whoa. Cool story. This sounds interesting.

Reogan said...

Xanthurian? I have a thing about proper ellipsis use. That is to say, when misusing your ellipsis so, don't.

Also, how observant of you.

Elphie? Yes. Yes it is.

Anonymous said...

Wow Reogan, that prologue is creepy, yet awesome at the exact same time. I'm interested in where this story is going.