Thursday, April 08, 2010

Managing On My Own

"We've got you covered,"

"You sure? I'm not sure how I'll handle this on my own."

"It'll be fine, everything is set up for you and you hardly need to do any work."

"Nice... Why are you doing this though? You won't be able to see any of your work until you get back."

"We have a standard here, and it will be maintained. I'll make sure my fellows do likewise."

"No one will be interested without all of you around."

"You never know, we've had visitors before"

"Alright then, go ahead, and enjoy your trip."

"Thanks, we appreciate your help."

"Thank you; I appreciate your help."

I looked at the drafts.

I looked up.


They were gone.

I looked back at the drafts.
"You've gotta be kidding me."

So here I am, managing on my own...


Reogan said...

Good luck, my friend. Don't go crazy and change the blog template.

Met said...

Thank you; this comment sounds like something I'd say...

Elphaba said...

Well done, Met! Thanks so much!