Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Third Tale

To build a world, one needs materials. You must supply these to me. I demand the following tribute:

  1. Three adjectives
  2. An adverb
  3. A noun
  4. Your mother's maiden name's third letter's ROT13 equivalent
  5. A number


Met said...

1. Irrational, Futile, Inevitable
2. Pitifully
3. Defenestration
4. G
5. 0.7

Qupar said...

1. Empty, Inexistent, Imbibing
2. hypocritically
3. Nib
4. N
5. 5

Elphaba said...

1. Random, pink, complicated
2. Happily
3. Intelligence
4. R
5. 14

Reogan said...

Elphie? I have built a Tale from the first two comments, and now I lack a place for yours. Know that I tried. I still am, as it happens.

Elphaba said...

Sorry. Do you want me to give you new ones?

Reogan said...

Ew. No. Let me have my challenge.

Elphaba said...

Go for it.

Reogan said...