Monday, September 20, 2010

And There Were Those Who Thought...


"Every single time..."

"Want to play again?"


"Your silence leaves me hanging."

"Can we try Poker or something?"

"Gambling isn't healthy."

"Hey, let's be honest. I'd have a shot at winning some of my pride back, along with some money."

"Okay, I suppose, but 25 cents is max bet."

"Fair enough."


"Have you thought about improving quality control for your published writing?"


"What's the general consensus?"

"Some voices demand it while others vehemently oppose it."

"Time and place for everything, huh?"

"Yep. We'll probably have to kill a few filler features if we're doing quality control."

"So that's what we're headed towards."

"Most likely. As long as I have my own place for ravings."

"What features do you think will have to go?"

"Well obviously we need entertainment."

"You're the one with all the ideas."

"Yep, and we're going to take the next step. Conversations has to go."

"And there were those who thought..."
* sigh *


Elphaba said...

This scares me.

Met said...

In what way?

Elphaba said...

I only write once per week. The idea of "quality control" scares me, especially since I don't have that much faith in my abilities as a writer.

Met said...

Ah, Reomet will have to talk to Reogan about that. Met sides with you for now ;)

Reogan said...

We're all scared. And mad.

Elphaba said...

MET: Thanks!

REOGAN: I'm not totally mad. A little, maybe.