Monday, September 27, 2010

Darklight, Chapter Two

Everyone has a purpose. Some are Cultivators, some Transporters, some Farmers. And there exist a chosen few who are Called to the Light. -The Illumined Scriptures

 My name is Lyna Gwendolyn-Zimri. I am many things. I am a Glint, of the town of Spark. I have lived there all my life, never seeing another village. Within the town itself, I only frequented my family's fields and the Lepidopterium. If I ever commited a crime, it was but the theft of Glow Moths from Lepidoptrian Tyr, a Faint Gleam. I didn't like stealing, and I paid whenever I could. If he had but charged a reasonable rate, we wouldn't have had to take them.
My family Cultivates, you see; I am a Cultivator. Not the Lacy Fungus for the Brilliances and the Radiances, nor the Bulbous Fungus of the Shining, nor any of the fungi of any even half-bright. We Cultivate Twisted Fungus for the other Glints who are too poor to afford real food. If such a rank existed, I'd think we wouldn't even be classed as full Glints, but as Fading Glints.
I am a sister. I am a twin. My brother Luke was born minutes before me, and I never knew a world without him. He was my teacher, my student, and my friend. He helped me control my fear of the shade, and I helped him control his fear of the Glow Moths. We helped each other cope when Mother died. We hid each other when Father raged.
My name is Lyna Gwendolyn-Zimri. I am many things. I am a Glint. I am a citizen of Spark. I am a Cultivator, a sister, and daughter, a friend. I am scared.
I am many things, Brilliance, but I am not a murderer.


Met said...

Was the usage of Luke as a twin brother supposed to conjure up a picture of Star Wars? Or did you just do that on accident?

Reogan said...

It never occurred.

Elphaba said...

Intrigue! Yay!

Reogan said...

And suspense.