Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Darklight, Chapter One

The world is darkness, and darkness is death. -High Brilliance Ebenezer of Hearth

The Laws are simple. Harm no one. Fulfill thy role. Diminish not the Light. Keep ye from the Darkness. We learned these at a young age, before even reading the Scriptures. Four simple rules, and every one was obeyed. Mostly.
All have violated the First, to varying degrees. The punishments have always been as the act. When one strikes his brother, his brother strikes back, and the Law is restored. If a crime is too severe for retribution- if one must die many deaths- he is sent off the Paths. Within the Darkness, life is the worst punishment of all.
The Second Law is rarely broken. Failure to tend one's Light brings its own Darkness. I've known only two who forsook their assigned roles. Mortimer, the drunk, and Father. Father was drunk oftentimes too, but we took cares to keep him from the public eye. Mortimer was not so lucky. He was often known to rave in the square before the Darkness took him.
The Third is stronger than the first two; it is the greatest of the Laws. I've never seen it broken, though there was a rumor some time ago about a madman in Hearth. They say he was throwing his tools at the Glowlamps in the market. A legion of Luminators is said to have removed him. He was never seen again.
The Fourth Law is never punished. The Fourth Law is never broken. None stray from the Paths unless forced. None choose Darkness.
Death is safer.


Elphaba said...

Hmm, interesting. All I can really say right now.

Xanthurian said...

This sounds like an incredibly interesting story that could go many places... Keep at it.

Reogan said...

As mush as I can, I will.

Met said...

Honestly my first thought in the beginning was I Robot with a Reogan twist. Of course that isn't the case. You've got more great stuff here. Keep it up, but don't overstretch yourself too much.

Reogan said...

Too late.

More importantly, I've only one story that needs to continue now (the Apocalypse). The rest of them are simply fuel to keep me going when that wears.