Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Conversations: To Play

"So we have to coordinate our schedules?"


"And agree to lie about what we're doing?"


"And coerce an entire extra group into the mix just to secure the one person we need?"

"How else?"

"And then you want to use the time of Authority for recreation?"

"Of course."

"A recreation you admit will be spoiled if a certain undesirable gets into the mix?"


"An undesirable whose arrival is more likely than anyone else's?"

"Other than us."

"And atop that you expect us to pay?"

"The Cookie Fund is donations only, thank you."

"You're mad."

"So it would seem."

"Can we start tomorrow?"


Met said...

A day in the life of a gambler...

Qupar said...

This partially reminds me of something...