Friday, December 31, 2010

Review of the Past

We've done some great things, you know.
Personal achievements of mine have certainly not been scarce. At times, I posted the Apocalypse regularly. Darkness and Light (now removed for publishing attempts) was birthed here, and I still insist that it is my greatest work. Michael, Maria (however little I've written about her), Jacques, and so many others found their birth here. Darklight has set up what I hope to be an intriguing circumstance. My poetry flourishes here. I've even branched out into Song of the Week once or twice. I've grown, I think.
What a year it was for Met. After March came, the posts were regular and well-made. The Conversations were created since the last New Year. When I was gone, he filled in flawlessly. Not only that, but he began his two stories and Advent of the Mystics. He gives me leave to die, if I please, knowing the storied (heh) tradition of the blog can continue. And how many of our writers is he responsible for? Two? Three? More? Someone's been planning.
Qupar played with mediums and found his strength in not writing sprites. These he posted as regularly as I wrote. For the most part, his illustrations have been a beautiful compliment.
Elphaba kept writing like clockwork. She eased the load. I think she also wins the comment award, commenting on almost everything. I miss the comments.
Marim has worked with nigh-slavish devotion to bring a new dimension to Song of the Week beyond Met's link-filled overview and my madness. She always has done better than she gives herself credit for, and I look forward to her branching into other areas when she gets comfortable.
Xanthurian brought with him an unseen sort of blogging, both in story content and post variety. Beyond inspiring me to attempt Sloth through games, he's brought talent which has been sorely needed whenever creativity dropped.
MNTY frequented and brought joy. I do respect that blogger, you know.
Worlds beyond measure were birthed. Numerous projects were undertaken and, even if unsuccessful, improved the blog. New writers joined. One, sadly, left. I think Qupar did a dance between the two. Storms were weathered with ease. It was a good year.


Elphaba said...

That One didn't leave permanently. One just had some issues, left for a bit, but is considering returning a bit more.

Reogan said...

A bit more is not quite enough for me. But it's better.