Friday, December 10, 2010

Karachay: Part 9

Wednesday, June 14th 1967
Dear Lyov,
I just got your letter, please do not panic. We are still men, and susceptible to the same ailments that befall those that we cure. No one in this village has died yet, but several people have gone insane. I’m doing my best to deal with them, but it is a great burden.
Mikhail’s drinks are no longer working; I’m not sure if I trust him anymore. He seemed very keen to ascertain the reason why I would send a letter to the government for assistance. Can he not see that we may very soon die in this plague? These farmers cannot bear the strain much longer and I fear that death is inevitable. This plague may be some sort of poison, the bodies you have must be examined; we must figure this out.
My letters to the surrounding villages were answered yesterday. This is most definitely a plague. Although they report no fatalities there is many a report of insanity. I had several villages who wanted to send me their sick so that I might treat them. Can’t they see my hands are full as is? I cannot work without sleep for too long; I must contact the government for assistance before the mail carrier contracts this disease. I know that your situation is more dire than mine, but perhaps my notes on this matter will assist you. Perhaps there is some difference, some link between the cases in these villages that can help us deduce the cause and neutralize it.
Never give up,

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