Saturday, November 28, 2009


Sister Maria of the order of the Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Turmoil was teaching her students, or as she thought of them, her hijos, when the call came. She excused herself when she heard the faint sound only she was trained to hear. She entered the supply closet, and pulled a phone disguised as a crucifix from the wall. It was the president. "Hola, Maria," he said in a smooth voice. "It's time."
"The Russians, I assume, No?"
". They have the bomb." The line went dead.
"Dios Mio." whispered the nun. She left the phone hanging in her hurry as she went to dismiss the class. The second they were gone, she closed the schoolhouse and hurried to the chapel. First she went to the cellar where the supplies for the Eucharist were kept. She blessed a chalice of wine, and some bread and partook of the sacrament. She then upturned the box of bread wafers, and unlatched the false bottom to reveal a multitude of silver discs, polished to a shine and sharpened to a razor edge, roughly the size of the wafers. She took these, and then hurried back into the sanctuary to remove the sword that had so long been hidden in the cross at the pulpit. She went to the altar, and opened the Bible which had been undisturbed for decades. A beam of light shot through the stained glass window at the front of the church, and illuminated the pistol that was nestled in the hollow book. Maria knelt, genuflected, and said a prayer. Then she rose, and sprinted from the building to where her motorcycle waited. Stalin had gone to far. He now faced the wrath of the nun.


Elphaba said...

I absolutely love it, Reogan! Will we hear more about Maria?

Reogan said...

I have no intention of continuing her tale now. Maybe, though, she will rise again.

In the Siberian tundra.