Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Song of the Week 9: 'Above Reason' by zircon, tefnek

Song of the Week is back! Except now it's sort of just inconsistent in posting. I can't make any promises, but I'll try to get at least one song in from OCR each week. This week I'm jumping right into it with a fast paced track from Streets of Rage 2, by zircon and tefnek, two very good electronic artists. Something I also want to quickly mention is that OCR has changed a bit in terms of design, the sidebar is gone and they've just made some minor adjustments, but it's pretty cool. Anyway, the track (titled Above Reason) can be found at that page and if you want to listen to it right away, the link is here. After rereading djpretzel's writeup for this track I realize that he wrote this soon after the release of Antigravity; zircon's 3rd album. Oddly enough I'm listening to it right now, currently on Warhead. Also if you're going to check out Antigravity, check out the Antigravity remix contest and the results for some more really good music. Now that I'm done promoting zircon let's revisit song of the week 9. Above Reason is awesome, crazy synth work and as soon as the melody kicks in you know you have something great here. I love the big beats as the melody rolls on, some really great breaks here, and I love the percussion. 1:58 just blows the whole thing open and goes insane, I love it, love it, love it. Really cool stuff, gotta check it out.


Reogan said...

I have delayed long enough; I shall keep my insight from the quavering masses no longer! I have seen your work Met, and it is good. I have listened to you music, and it, too, is good. I have graded it on one criterion, and it follows:

Annoyance: 3/10
- I was not overly bothered by this track, but if it had continued, my annoyance would increase in much the same manner that would velocity at a constant acceleration. That is to say increasingly.

What else is there to say? I did not particularly disliked it, though I do not feel enriched for having heard it. Nevertheless, I am pleased with it and it receives the Official Reogan Stamp of Slightly Grudging Approval(tm)

Reogan said...

I have made a typo. I choose to blame the economic climate in Monaco, with which I was distracted while typing. The second sentence of the final paragraph should read 'I did not particularly dislike it.

Met said...