Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Connor felt his captors lower him to the ground. The strange spongy bag seemed to melt from his flesh as a watery mist poured onto it, and soo him. His blindfold too was disappearing. Within minutes, he had regained enough use of his limbs to speed the process himself, and as soon as he could, he stood. Opening his eyes proved a mistake, though, for glitters of light from everywhere gleamed in a conspiracy to blind him. He fell back.

A hand caught him. Carefully opening his eyes, hands sheilding as well as they could, Conner saw his captor/rescuer for the first time.

She was a beautiful maiden, with skin of Alabaster and faintly blue white hair. Her voice was like a melody as she directed his gaze across the turrets and fountains of a marble city. Every building had some sort of water running from its roof, and every walkway crossed over thin, beautiful canals that formed elegant curves about the structures.

"Welcome to Aqueopolis."


Xanthurian said...

This is amazing! A perfect blend of the classic fantasy genre and the beautiful maiden (for once) saving the male character that is usually reserved for the leading/rescuing role. I hope to see more.

Reogan said...

Keep your fingers crossed.