Saturday, October 30, 2010

Song of the Week 19.5: 'Dead Man's Lullaby (revamped version)' by Vitz

This Song of the Week is a .5 edition, which pretty much explains why I'm not posting on Wednesday. It's been a while since there has been a .5 edition; there hasn't been one since Met was doing this by himself. Anyway, as it was said in my last post, this is a revamped version of Dead Man's Lullaby. Here's the link again and here's Vitz's soundcloud page. Obviously this is the first song on the list. However, when I brought up the link (Vitz's soundcloud page), the original version wasn't on there anymore. I don't know why, and that being gone really doesn't help with this review. Fortunately, I did compare the two before it was taken off. After listening to this I found it much different than the original version, but has many similarities as well. I shall now explain, using last Wednesday's review to compare the two.

The beginning of the song sounds exactly like the original, and at 0:13 that same rhythm appears. There really is no difference so far. At 0:26 it's the same once again, but at 0:52 (sorry about the last review, I had a typo and said 1:52) there probably is a bit more bass added with the melody. At 1:30 there is a huge difference: a string section is added. I like it, and it certainly adds more of a mood to the song. Some more differences are the timing for sure; the breaks in the song are placed at different parts of the song, not to mention there are fewer of them in this version of the song. Where I mentioned about the song a 2:08 in my last review, there are differences there also. The beat is entirely different, with more of a swing rhythm than just straightforward. The upbeat part at 2:46 in the original song is gone, unfortunately. Instead it's more of a calmer section, and then at 3:00 it's that swing beat playing. For some reason I'm not a fan of that beat, it just sort of irks me. At 3:26 it goes back into what was going on at 0:26, which really isn't all that exciting for me. At 4:03 is probably where it gets the most intense, where there's strings, percussion, a beat, and even a new melody created by the piano. This section continues until 5:58, then it's all over. That's a difference I forgot to mention; this version is around a minute shorter than the original.

Pros: This song certainly shows much more than the original version. I like how they put a new melody closer to the end, and the strings make a nice addition to add some more emotion to the song.

Cons: I really didn't like that beat that sounded like a swing. It really didn't match up with the rest of the song. Sadly there wasn't as much intensity in this version, and it was disappointing that they took that huge, intense section from the original song.

Overall: I liked it, but I also disliked it. There was some additions that I did like about this revamped version, but all together I think I like the original song better.

Rating: 8.4/10


Met said...

Why on earth would you mention a typo in the last post and then not even bother to correct it?

Marim said...

I'm a moron and didn't realize that I could even correct it.

Met said...

Live and learn.

Reogan said...

Crash and burn.