Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Song of the Week 19: 'Dead Man's Lullaby' by Vitz

Okay, so this week's song is from Vitz. This is some pretty good stuff; I remember reviewing one of his tracks as sort of a "practice review" before I actually started posting here. The direct link where you may listen to this track is right here. If you take the time to click on this link, the first two songs have the same title. However, the first one is the revamped version of the second song. We are looking at the original song here, not the revamped one. The revamped version will be reviewed and compared as a .5 edition of Song of the Week. So anyway, here's the original version of the song called Dead Man's Lullaby.

Alright, let's get to business then, shall we? The beginning seconds of the song give off a calm and relaxing sort of mood. At 0:13 more of a rhythm is introduced, while still keeping that calm feeling. The rhythm so far is almost like a swing, so it'll be interesting to see how the song will turn out later on. At 0:26 a beat arrives, making more of a restless tone. The swing rhythm at this point is gone by the way. With the beat, the song sounds a lot more straightforward. At 0:48 the beat disappears for a couple seconds, but at 1:52 it starts back up again, this time with some high notes to create somewhat of a melody. What I mean by "somewhat" is that the melody is pretty simple. It does stand out though, and that's a good thing when you're dealing with most songs. Oddly enough, even with the beat the song stills gives me a feeling of calmness. From 1:30 to about 1:42, there's some nice electronic sounds placed to support the melody. The beat will go off and on throughout the song. For example, the beat appears again at 1:43, but then it goes back to a softer mood at 1:56. At 2:08, after about ten seconds or so of a quieter tone, the song really goes all out, and this where it's the most upbeat so far. There isn't really all that much percussion, which I think really makes the song unique. The electronic sounds that both create a beat and a harmony do an excellent job at making the song exciting, as well as supporting the melody. At 2:33 once again it calms back down again. One reason why I like this song is because of its balance of soft and upbeat music. At 2:46, the song basically blows the upbeat part of 2:08 out of the water. It's a pretty awesome section of the song; it's very catchy, and all of the instrumentation works perfectly. It still has that simple melody, and the bass as well as the percussion work excellently with it. Unlike the other songs I have reviewed, this particular track has the same melody throughout. This entire part lasts about a minute and a half until it once again calms down at 4:29. Some sort of a beat is still heard, and this section is very similar to what was heard at 1:42. This lasts until 5:20, where that awesome upbeat section comes back that's exactly the same as it was at 2:46. It ends at 6:10, then continues into the song's conclusion. The end isn't really all that exciting. It's just that calm section again, and then it stops. Then the song's at an end.

Pros: Okay, this is a pretty awesome song. The mix of calm and upbeat work out great, and I found it unique that something other than percussion can keep a beat for a while.

Cons: The sections constantly kept repeating themselves in a pattern. Perhaps if there was a little more variety in the song, it could have gone better.

Overall: Nice song, can't really say much about it. There were probably more pros than cons, but altogether it's something to enjoy listening to.

Rating: 8.8/10

Editor's note 10/30/2010
Vitz choose a fine time to do some renovating on his soundcloud page. Within the last 24 hours or so he changed his bio (left sidebar of his soundcloud page) a little and removed several of his tracks including the one that this links to. I'm sure Vitz has his reasons so we'll leave it at that. I managed to download the MP3 file before it was taken down. However, I'm not distributing it (Vitz took it down for a reason that I'm not privy to and I'll respect that). Regardless, if you really want to hear the original sometime come find me; it's on my iPod.


Reogan said...

Well played Mr. Vitz. Well played.

Met said...

His last name is Groningen. How would you feel if I started calling you Mr. Reogan? It'd be sort of weird.

Reogan said...

It would be awesomeful. Reogan is my artist name. It would mean you respect me as an artist.

Met said...

Very well, Mr. Reogan. By the way, Reogan is a legitimate last name.

Reogan said...

And first. Like Madonna.

I am a Materiel Lich.