Monday, October 11, 2010


"You're wrong." Michael's eyes dared his companion to disagree.

"I wish I was. But you saw what happened to Bekka. If we don't figure out how we can stop this thing, we might-"

"Gabe." Michael warned.

"Damn it, Michael. Death isn't your pet!"

"And your friend back there proved life wasn't hers. If you want to follow her to her fate, I'd be happy to leave you."

Silence filled the vehicle. After a long minute, Gabriel took a breath.

"I see you were right. This is hell. No one with a soul could be as heartless as you. You might think yourself immortal, but you're not. None of us are. And if we don't band together now, we'll all end up like Bekka. If you just keep driving, you kill us all."

Michael turned.



"Get the hell out of my car."

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