Monday, November 01, 2010

Hello Again

Hi, I'm back, also, before my post, there were 600 posts on this blog! I don't know if that means posts that are up now, or including posts that have been deleted, but it's still exciting! I've got more time now, so I'll be able to post more consistently. So yeah, here's a pidgeotto.

and here's my idea of an apocolypsed Pidgeotto. I made the wings longer, and ripped some chunks out of them, darkened some of it's colors, t
urned it's eye black and yellow, enlarged the tail, and gave it bigger, blood-stained talons. Any ideas to make it better?


Reogan said...

Make the background go away?

Great to have you back!

I like it.

Qupar said...

Is white better? I can't make it go away for good for some reason.

Reogan said...

I think white showcases it better, yes.

Figroth said...

That's an amazing poke'mon.

Figroth said...

Highly recommend it.

Reogan said...

To whom?