Sunday, November 07, 2010


if i can't someday publish this because i'm sacrificing it for this website, i will destroy everyone.

Algebraic Lament

No solution or infinite,
Watching problems merge or split,
For weary minds it is not fit.
The knowledge light-bulb is not lit.

From the board the problem leer--
The f(x) is y + fear.
All these systems, sitting here,
Happ'ly alone, I shed no tear.

Now the review, dizzying stuff,
Easy for the algebra buff.
For lowlier minds, it's quite tough.
Frankly, we have had enough.

i bid thee farewell.


Reogan said...

We've quite a distinguished guest, haven't we?

Your meter isn't too bad.

I like the witty f(x) bit.


Elphaba said...

Sums up the nightmare that is higher math wonderfully. Love it!