Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Song of the Week 22: 'The Result is Always Death' by Another Soundscape

Alright, I'm not going to go into all my random commentary that I put in here. I might as well just get to the song and start reviewing it. Okay, so this week's song is from the game series "Shadow Hearts", and the song is called "The Result is Always Death". What a depressing title; this better be good. Anyway, for information on the song, click here. For those who don't have enough time to look at information as well as other comments from other reviewers, click here for the direct link to the song.

The beginning of the song is rather eerie, but if it weren't for the dynamics in the sounds giving off that feeling, it would start out with a rather dull impression. Fortunately, at 0:08, a beat comes in to make things a little more interesting. The syncopation between the beat and the melody is great, by the way. At 0:13 some strings are added in for an extra effect. As you can tell from previous reviews, I love a song with a string section. At 0:16 everything seems to come together into one melody, a percussion section, and also a bass and string section in the background. It's interesting how even though the song is very electronic, it's very relaxing. At 0:30 most of the instrumentation here drops, and it's just the bass and percussion proving that they can be just as interesting as the melody. I'm not saying that the bass and percussion are boring, it's just that the melody draws my attention. At 0:47 the song goes back into what it was at 0:16 though. At 1:17 different sounds are introduced, such as the triangle, the piano, and a semi-low bass section. The melody here on the piano is awesome; it really gives off a "mysterious" feeling (if that's some way to describe it). At 1:48 the song combines the two different sections (the one from 0:16, as well as the one from 1:17) to make one great section. The bass does a really good job of supporting the piano also, providing an excellent harmony to go with it. This entire section continues until the song is almost over, 2:51 to be precise. Here everything is dropped except for the piano, the bass, and some bells in the background to go with it. Thus the song ends with a brief bass solo.

Pros: There was great instrumentation in this piece, and was executed very well with its use of dynamics, harmonies, background sounds, etc. It gave off a great mood while listening to it also.

Cons: The bass was probably a little bit too loud during some sections of the song; the same goes to the percussion as well. It wasn't all that bad though, so it doesn't affect the song too much.

Overall: Well done, AnSo. Well done. Can't say much other than that.

Rating: 9.5/10

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Reogan said...

I like the song more than I would care to admit.

I like the review as much as I care to admit. That is to say, much.

Call me crazy, but I think this a prime example of your beautiful marriage of plain narration with glittering reaction.