Saturday, November 13, 2010

Song of the Week 21.5: 'Global Empire' by Big Giant Circles, Sole Signal, Tweek (redo)

I have another .5 edition this time, mainly because this post is going to be a little more unique than the others. This review is going to be based off an earlier Song of the Week by Met, back when he first started doing these. It's my job now to make it longer, more detailed, and basically better than the one that was written over a year ago. This is from Song of the Week 6. After reading it, Met still has the introductory stuff down; he's way better at that than me, even when he posted it a year ago. So yeah, here's the link to the song information, and here's the link to the direct song. So anyway, here's the song called "Global Empire".

This song first starts out rather quiet, but then it crescendos until 0:18. At 0:18 it gives off a very electric feel, sounding almost robotic. The percussion in this section works out great, by the way. At 0:40, it transitions orchestral song? That's pretty awesome. The entire rhythm can really be described using one word, a word that Met even used in his review: epic. At 0:51, you can now hear a mix of electric and orchestra. That's a pretty interesting combination; I never would have thought that those two music genres would combine, and then actually make the song sound awesome. At 1:03 it goes back into mainly electric though. The beat here is insane; the percussion absolutely drives here. At 1:26 it switches back into an orchestra piece. I do so love a song with a great string section, and this is definitely something with that quality. At 1:48 there's more of a mix of genres again; this time it's more of a mix between orchestra and rock. The melody for this section is very cool, especially at 2:45. At 3:03 more bass is brought up, which really helps bring out the song a little more. At 3:10 there is a brief piano interlude, which really calm things down. The wind chimes here in the background along with the piano make a very relaxing tone. At 3:32 the track goes back into the electric genre, with some additional piano to help. At 3:55 the melody that was previously piano changed into a more electric-sounding melody here. I personally liked the piano before, but that's only my opinion. At 4:09 there's a section which probably sounds the most electric, and it's most likely the most upbeat section of the song. The beat, along with the bass, are amazing here. I could definitely tap my foot to this song. There are short little breaks where the sounds in the song are completely cut for a beat. It's really not that important, but I thought I would just mention that because it's sounds really cool. At 5:03 there's a very cool part where it sounds like somebody is scratching records, and then all of a sudden at 5:05 it goes right back into the orchestra. The artist(s) nailed that transition right there. Along with the orchestra is some electric guitar in the background; it really shows that this section is a mix of orchestra and rock. Then at 5:17, it's a mix of all three coming together. This is absolutely awesome, mixing these three different genres into something so cool. The electronic melody here is insane compared to the rest of the instruments being played. Instead of everything else, where they play a simple, yet epic rhythm, the melody goes all out. It really stands out, and has to be one of the coolest parts of the song. This section dies down at about 6:03, and then the song comes to a close.

Pros: There's too many of them! This really is incredible stuff here. The instrumentation, the melodies, the variety. This is an awesome piece of music right here.

Cons: I can't really think of any for this song...

Overall: This is definitely a piece worth listening to, and I hope others can enjoy it as well. This is brilliantly executed, and pretty much flawless.

Rating: 9.6/10

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Reogan said...

I was surprised (again, I guess, since I must have heard this the first time around) at how un-hateable this song was. Why must you (and Met) strive to bridge the gap between our musical tastes by presenting me with endless examples of this sort of- of-

of listenable music?

You make me sick.

Oh, and the review was, as always well done. This time around, to be honest, I felt as though you talked about what happened a bit too much as opposed to how it worked out. I don't know though, it may be just me.