Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Song of the Week 20: 'Before Everything Happened' by Flexstyle

We've made to at least 20 posts of SotW, and although I haven't done half of the posts on here, it's pretty cool that this has lasted so long. This song this week is another song from OCR. I'm really not good at this introduction information, so if Met can get his input on the song, perhaps he can provide more info. If you want the link about the track and various comments on it, click here. If you want the download for it, I would suggest you click here. So here's the song from Dark Cloud 2: "Before Everything Happened".

The first fifteen seconds of the song start out with some piano, which is of course awesome. This style of piano playing is definitely more hardcore than the soft stuff I usually hear. At 0:15 a beat comes in, which helps support the piano. I'm usually not much of a fan of percussion being alone with piano, but in this case it works out rather well. There is some low bass in the background which doesn't appear until 0:26, but it definitely adds more "beef" to the low piano melody. At 0:41 the bass gradually gets louder, which really adds more effect to the piano and the beat. At that point the piano is gone, and the song gets more of an electronic feeling to it. The harmonies in this section work out great; it gives much more excitement to the song. This continues until about 1:13, where more of a melody is introduced. This is a huge contrast to the melody in the beginning; it is both high as well as fast. I do enjoy melodies like that. From 1:40 until 1:49 there is a really cool echo effect in the melody, which I think is a nice change from the short melody playing over and over again. At 1:50 more bass is added with the melody, however the melody plays a similar yet different rhythm. At 2:20 more of an electronic rhythm appears, that accompanies the previous melody. All three parts: the high melody, the newest melody, and the percussion/bass line all seem to work together in this part of the song. At 3:19 things start to cool down a little bit; during that entire section lasting a minute, parts of the song would eventually drop out. It reduces into only having the bass and the percussion play. At around 3:30 the piano makes an encore appearance, leading up to the song's conclusion. Let's not forget about the percussion and bass also; they play an absolutely huge role in supporting the piano to make it more interesting. The ending was okay, the percussion did a pretty good job finishing it off (unlike other songs I've reviewed).

Pros: Great melodies, harmonies, instrumentation, etc. There was always something new added to keep the song interesting, and everything the made up the song was played in an almost perfect balance.

Cons: Sometimes I thought that the beat was off a little bit, and the rhythm of the piano was hard to follow. Other than that, there's not very many cons in this song.

Overall: This song is pretty great when it comes to how the parts of the song support each other. It was definitely something I could keep listening to, and everything fits in the song; there is absolutely nothing odd placed in there at random.

Rating: 9.4/10


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