Saturday, January 01, 2011

Preview of the Future

It's going to be great. As of this post, the Second Golden Age begins!
I can't speak for the other bloggers, but I think we can agree that the time has come to slaughter the slump. What can be expected of this year? I have a few ideas.
  • Scheduled Content - Posts will be put up at midnight central time, not an hour before midnight the next day.
  • Regular Content - Every week will have at least one bit of "Featured Content", such as P:tGA, DL, BCD, OC, AoM, etc. Beyond that, I think it's high time that Thursday Thoughts come regularly on Thursdays again.
  • Branching Out - I, at the very least, feel ready to come out of my shell a little more and see if they'll let me play with some Songs of the Week or other Not-Reogan-y posts. I encourage everyone to try something new.
  • Comments - There are blocks of posts without comments. Other than extremely filler-esque posts, this is unacceptable. I vow to go back and ensure every post gts the attention it deserves! Who's with me?
  • Tags - Spring cleaning has come. Let's cull the dead from the herd.
 Beyond these initiatives, I have also some hopes.
  • Multimedia - Qupar started us off. Met continued with his contributions to the newest Song of the Day. I would love to see more original drawings and music. 
  • A Writer - Yes, we have a lot of authors now, but I've invited one more to ease any remaining burden. Said author's past work includes a few gems. We will mine for more.
  • Collaborations - C'mon, these'll just be fun. Look at Karachay.


Met said...

What about our side ventures? Fear Itself and Between the Lines aren't tended as often as we'd like. I'm curious what you think their role in our future might be.

Reogan said...

Oh, most of the initiatives apply there too, I suppose. Though key, they are only secondary to here. But nonetheless, we must fix them too.

Qupar said...

Yay! Thusday Thoughts, always make me laugh.