Sunday, May 08, 2011


NEWSFLASH! Mathematician Breaks Laws of Motion!

This just in, a mathematician was reportedly seen outside his house jumping and not coming down. The neighbors across the street reported this after "sensing that objects weren't following Newton's rules." They reported to the police immediately. When they came they quickly took cover as the man was sliding around, ignoring friction and air resistance. After capturing him using scientific proofs involving Newton's works as well as other scientists' works they were finally able to cause a vacuum bubble long enough to get handcuffs on him. After taking him to court he was sentenced to five years in a physics classroom and a stack of experiments that he needs to complete proving the Laws of Physics. Failure to complete this will result in an additional year in the classroom as well as writing on a chalkboard "I will not disobey the laws of physics" one thousand times. "It was a hard punishment," the chief of police says. "But no man should break what science has proven."

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