Sunday, May 01, 2011


May(hem) is my version of March Madness. Basic idea: post every day of May, continue it into June, and give Arkive his long awaited debut. Here's what you can expect to start seeing:

Song of the Week: Both Marim and I have plans to get one up every Wednesday and every Saturday (.5).

Behind Closed Doors: I'm just about done with chapter 8 which will definitely appear in May. As for the rest of it... I'm in the middle of a plot crisis

Puns: Arkive's got a lot of these.

Random Thoughts: Arkive will probably go a long way toward reviving this obscure series.
Newspapers: Fictional news with a point... Arkive.

Video Game Reviews, Ideas, Discussion: At RPS we've always maintained that video games are a complex form of art resulting in anything from simple entertainment to a comprehensive experience. Arkive has ideas to make games, I have ideas to review games and talk about what I'm looking forward to *coughmasseffect3cough*.

Thursday Thoughts: It's easy and fairly well liked (in my experience), so why not?

Reogan?: Haven't even talked to him about this site in almost a month. Let's see if we can bring him back.

This is going to be hard to maintain. Any and all help would be much appreciated.

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