Friday, May 13, 2011

The Kingdom of Spades


A long time ago, when the land was not new, but not modern, there were many kingdoms. One such kingdom was the Kingdom of Spades. This was a prosperous and friendly kingdom. Everyone was friends, well, at least not enemies. They all liked their ruler, too. His name was Hugh. Because of the age and kingdom, the people of Spades called their ruler their Ace. Therefore, Hugh was Spades' Ace. However, due to fear of a revolt (which never happened in the history of the Kingdom of Spades), Hugh ruled under the name of Goght (that is a silent "gh" in case you didn't know). No one but Hugh's family knew that Hugh was Goght. Hugh lived a normal life as well as the life of Goght. Things went like this ever since he was crowned king. Hugh would always enter the castle just before sun up when no one was up. One day, however, one man spotted Hugh entering the castle before it was publicly open. The man figured that it was just an emergency that needed to be attended to by Goght. He was a bit suspicious, so he got up early the next day, too. Sure enough, Hugh entered the castle at the same time. This made the man think. Finally, he put two and two together: Hugh was Goght. He kept this to himself for a while. Another day, though, a while after the man's discovery, "Goght" held a town meeting. Everyone attended. Hugh posed as Goght. People were wondering where Hugh and the man were. They were mumbling to each other. Arriving late, the man burst into the door and shouted "Hugh's Goght the Ace of Spades!"

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