Monday, May 09, 2011

Video Game Idea: The Legend of Zombies

Alright. Here's a video game idea that would never work on the modern market but is fun to think about. The Legend of (Zelda crossed out in blood, replaced by blood-written words under) Zombies. This takes place directly after the events of Ocarina of Time. What would happen is you choose from four different races: Kokiri, Goron, Zora, and Gerudo. Each would have a storyline.

What happens is that everyone is going to witness a big ceremony and the placing of the Master Sword in the Pedestal of Time. For some reason you cannot attend the ceremony (lucky for you, as you will see.) Many others couldn't attend, either, for their own reasons. At the ceremony, right when the Master Sword is being placed in the Pedestal of Time, the Master Sword breaks, releasing a deadly virus that transforms all animals into zombies. Luckily, this can only be spread within a certain time after being released in a small vicinity. Unluckily, a lot of the population of Hyrule was in the vicinity at the time.

So, depending on your race, you will have to seek out different objectives. You will travel to the defeated dungeons in search of your objective. These dungeons will have new puzzles due to things you would expect (cave ins, broken machinery, hidden paths revealed, etc.) All the while seemingly endless hoards of zombies are attacking. There will be "safe houses" (a place inhabited by no zombies, usually with a survivor) every now and then.

The plots would intermingle, so when you defeat one storyline you should go back to another race to explore that storyline. You may find something out you never knew. Each race would have different traits as well as items you could use to solve puzzles and pulverize zombies. In the end, after you beat all of the races, you unlock a special storyline which jumps between characters. In the end you would, obviously, fight an epic boss (probably the infected Link with all of his items) and come to the ultimate end where, predictably, you find a cure to all of this and life returns to as it was. The Master Sword gets fixed and the ceremony is finished, with each of your characters being honored as heroes.

This is a pretty short idea, but then again, how do you elaborate on this?

I would prefer to be critiqued on this idea that clearly states that I am a Zelda: OoT fan. Please leave it as a comment, thank you.

One last idea: perhaps at one of the safe houses a slightly crazy person would tell you "Today is a great day for a zombie apocalypse, isn't it?"

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