Saturday, May 14, 2011

Video Game Idea: Gods & Glocks

NOTE: All religious ideas expressed in the idea for a video game are strictly for the video game idea and do not represent the beliefs of the the author or any other members, followers, and/or viewers of this blog.

Okay, the title sounds weird, but you can't say that there haven't been games based on mythology out there. Here goes... The game would probably run on an Xbox system. It would be a shooter (as depicted from the title [in case you didn't know, a Glock is a handgun that comes in many varieties]). Whether it is first or third person I don't really care (customizable camera view, anyone?).

The basic plot (for career mode) would be that a team of scientists had (somehow) built a device that proved that the Gods existed. This caused the scientists to go berserk and wonder if they could become as powerful as them, but then one guy came up with the idea of making the Gods only as powerful as the scientists. They then went straightforward in creating a device that, when activated, made the Gods and any other magical creatures mortal. Eventually they finish and activate the machine, causing the Gods to wonder what happened. Chaos ensues soon after as the Gods and many mythical creatures are released unto the world. All of these mythical figures are now buying guns to defend themselves. This is where you choose which storyline to start pursuing (you can switch between storylines without losing progress).

There is the scientist's storyline, this is the defense one, where you play as a scientist on the team who discovered how to make the myths mortal, in which you have to defend the laboratory (and, specifically, the machine) from waves of oncoming immortals (who are now mortal) who are trying to destroy the machine to regain their immortality.

There is the Roman/Greek God's storyline, here's your one-man-army mode, where you play as Hercules in a solo effort to take the advantage of mortality to destroy evil Gods and mythical creatures.

There is also the mythical army storyline, this is the team tactical storyline (even though the allies will be AI), where you take control of a Kitsune (spirit fox) in an army of mythical creatures bent on world conquering. Why a Kitsune? They seem to be the most human-like. I'm not doing very much research for this (it's just an idea!).

Lastly, there is the captive storyline. This is (surprise!) the stealth storyline. You play as a human captive captured by the mythical creature army. They take you to their base (who knows where?) and you need to escape. Early on, when you escape your cell, you find a guard's gun. Poor guard, he's probably going to be beaten (maybe even eaten) later for his laziness.

Of coarse, as with my The Legend of Zombies video game idea, the storylines will intertwine. You will NEVER see your character through the eyes of another character, at least, not outside of a cutscene.

What would be a shooter like this without multiplayer? In the multiplayer mode, you would have a few options. First of all, before any match would begin, you would choose your form, which would consist of a few selections, including a scientist, a captive, a kitsune, hercules, a few Gods, and maybe some others. The real meat, of coarse, is in the gameplay. There will be a few modes.

The first is an all out firefight, where you choose a map and it is every man for himself. The winner would be determined simply by kills minus deaths. So if someone kills 10 people, but dies 8 times, and another kills 3 people, but plays safe enough to never die, the winner (between the two) would be the person who killed 3. This may not work as a good system, but it's an idea.

The next would be team battle. As the name suggests, the players would devide into a specified number of teams. If some teams have less players, the team votes on accepting a normal AI player or not. Why not? It may end up as extra kills for the enemy.

Last would be special fight, where it is either a firefight or a team battle with special rules (E.G. rocket launchers for everyone, handguns only, low health). This would probably be local only, just due to the variety, but maybe if online were added the special rule would be randomly chosen.

Now for some Extras (yay!). This would consist of a few goodies for players to unlock, some only purchasable (through in-game currency, collectable in many modes), including a stage creator (unlocked right away, but purchasable content available). A stage select would be available for going back to your favorite career levels. Also a few "cheats" that are unlocked through defeating the storylines, and a few more for defeating them all. When activated, however, they will only work on stage select and maybe a few local multiplayer modes. If used, they will not allow for money to be earned.

I would like it very much if you commented and/or critiqued this uber-long list of babble that is a video game idea.

This concludes my horrendously long video game idea #2. I hope you find it interesting and at least a bit feasible.

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