Monday, October 10, 2016


The good Lord shaped the skies above
And, loving, formed the earth.
He filled with life the nascent orb
Throughout its six day birth,

But did He err, this loving God,
To add but one cursed tree?
"If ye should eat," the Serpent said,
"Then ye shall be as He."

And so the Woman and the Man
Forgot their rightful place,
And learned of Good and Wicked things
and, knowing, lost His grace.

The ever-loving, ever-true,
Yet ever-righteous Lord
Forbade them now of Life to eat
Enforcing by the Sword.

Is knowledge then, the greatest sin?
Is learning then a curse?
Does steady gain bring steady loss
Does betterment make worse?

Would then a new Prometheus
Who steals for us new flame
Bring only new depravities
We cannot yet e'en name?

If Knowledge is the cursed fruit
To dash Life on the rocks,
Is then the Flame the Titan brings
Itself Pandora's Box?

We forge on ev'ry day ahead
And never dare look back
Where still the angel and the Sword
Stand ready to attack.

We take our gift from fallen gods
And leave them to their fate.
The Titan bound was soon forgot
Behind Man's speeding gait.

The Fruit and Flame we carry on
To new perversity.
Our Knowledge lighting with its Dark
Modern Prosperity.