Friday, October 14, 2016

Kritik der Vernunft

Regard the polls: their numbers swell!
Behold their lofty heights!
For they proclaim my lofty name
And promise you your rights.

For Crooks upon the other side
(And also their machine
Of China, blacks, and media
And all those in between

Which preys upon--doubt not my word
I am Veracity
Made manifest in manly flesh
And so tremendously--

Which prey upon you ev'ry day
And ev'ry wretched night--
Their scandals, which, I must maintain,
Alone I brought to light

And which are true on ev'ry front
And some yet to be seen
Though I could tell you--I defer
For that may be thought mean.

The emails and the FBI
And Watergate, who knows?
And maybe worse, I hear such things
I know such awful woes.

I ask you but to give your vote
Into my tiny groping orange human open hands
I'll bring, like 2 Corinthians
New Justice to these lands.


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