Monday, October 03, 2016


He thought he would post
Just a little bit more
Just to see if the others would know.

He waited a week.
He waited for four.
Not a hint of a new status quo.

So he set out to post
On the regular, yo
And revitalize this all alone.

For the Founder was changed
By the years, joy, and woe,
And 'twas time to see how he had grown.

But when he set out
Once again to the scene
To unleash to the world something new

It seemed someone had come
And so someone had seen,
And the project belonged now to two.

With the Witch from the North
(Though she claims "of the West")
The new project would be of new ease.

And they'll toil along
And they'll quit if that's best
Or they'll work til the Missing One sees.

For though he is gone
He was most loath to go
And his absence was last to take hold.

And perhaps he'll return,
To resume the old show
And we'll birth a new age of new gold.

But the plan from the first
Was to build and not call
And though one of the host is returned

We continue to make.
May our writing recall
What we were joined to what we have learned.


Maureen Doolittle said...

I've missed your poetry. It's good to be back.

Reogan said...

Inanity juxtaposed with an only occasionally superficial profundity. Lass uns wiederaufbauen.