Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I Crush Everything

Based on I Crush Everything by Jonathan Coulton

A shadow. I open my eye. There. One the surface. You glide along. Beautiful. Strong. Capturing the wind. Flying. I rise. The light grows painful, but I rise. I glide with you. My head below your prow. My eye back in your wake. Rainbows, painful, beautiful rainbows shine from you. I reach for you. I want to take you with me. Down. Together. As I embrace, you shudder. You creak. My dreams can never be. I release you. I sink. Down. Into darkness. You float above. Away. We can never be together. I crush everything.

I could bring you here. I could reach out. I have power. I have strength. I could make you come. I could. I want to. I need to. My arms strain upwards while I dream. The miles mean nothing. They could bring you. To me. I could shelter you. Storms don't reach down here. Predators flee from my beak. The dolphins do too. Now. They once were friends. The liars. They pretended, until they knew me. I crush everything. I take what I want. I break what I love. I never sleep. I always dream. I crush everything.

I am forgotten. The world moves without me. You move without me. The stars shine on. The world spins. Not here. Here, there is nothing. Ten miles below. Nothing has changed. Light. Only light comes to my eye. Carrying visions of you. Your spite. I rise. Raging. You sail on. You forgot me. You left me. Alone. Below. I twine about you. I take your wheel. I hold your deck. I rise up your sail. Your beautiful sail. White. Blotting out the clouds. I forgive you. I let go. I sink below. I turn from you. Because I crush everything.

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