Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Miscellaneous Sprites

First of all, I would like to make it known that I spelled miscellaneous correctly on my first try without using spell checker. I am very proud of myself. Anyway, I am posting today because after many hours of Reogan begging me and bribing me to post today, I caved because I am just such a great person. Save your applause. So since this was very spontaneous, i have nothing particular prepared, so I will just post some of my other sprites I have made throughout my life.

I made this a few days ago, it's called "bird thingy" in my folder, i have no clue what to really call it. You know what, if you have a good name, com
ment on this, you might win a prize. I made it out of a male nidoran, a fearow, spearow, and obviously an exeggcute, which i just noticed is very oddly spelled. It is probably my most realistic looking sprite, i made it cause i was bored and had no life at the moment. I try not to be weird obsessive fans that make weird stuff and call it amazing, so i won't call it amazing. Please don't judge me as a pokemon fanatic, trust me, i don't wear Charizard legs for I guess i am one for knowing that pokemon fanatics wear those, but i am not, paradox. I'm tired.

The first one here is my evolved from of Dunsparce, which is kind of unfinished. I don't really like the colors. I'll have to change them. Next to it is a thingy I tried to make out of a Lum Berry, didn't really work out, but I think it's kinda cool, there is some sorta other berry on it's head, i personally just love the eyes. Again, made cause I was bored. Below is a picture of a Dunsparse so you know how dumb and pathetic they are. Hence the name DUNS(e)parce.

I had made a regifire, which was pretty cool, but it somehow got messed up through saving it.


Elphaba said...

Way to go on spelling miscellaneous right w/out spellcheck! Whoo!

Met said...

Wow, usually Reogan points things like that out.

Reogan said...

Not so! I notice errors, not those things that should never have been wrong anyway.