Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Perhaps a Change?

The current posting schedule is, at heart, a list of genres.
  • The Apocalypse is an ongoing story, set in a familiar world with unfamiliar settings. Basically a chapter-a-week novel.
  • The Laments and now the upcoming Sevenfold Sorrows are all prose-poems.
  • Tuesday Tales are abstract short stories, released in short passages.
  • JoCo Stories, the site's newest addition, are each a short story, appearing all at once, based upon Jonathan Coulton's songs.
  • Thursday Thoughts are each short, often horrible poems.
  • Elphaba's unnamed Friday post is now a short story a week, as I understand it.
  • God Dreamt is a story of seven parts.
Thus, we have:
  • Novel
  • Prose-Poem
  • Abstract Short Story
  • Short Story
  • Poem
  • Short Story
  • Short Story
You can see the problem. Three or four short stories depending on your point of view. Thus Wednesday is returning to Song of the Week, beginning next week. A review should add some variety.


Met said...

I apologize for not being there, I hope my work nowadays will help me show you how sorry I am for not following through.

Reogan said...

Meh. We all falter at times, and this? Not really faltering. The entire blog is an exercise of sorts. Exercising permits lapses.

Exorcising, though, does not.