Saturday, June 12, 2010

Conversations With Myself Part 4 (Moving Forward)

"Enough! We're not doing this."

"Why? It was your idea."

"I've got enough trouble as it is and this is a very intensive situation I'd plunge myself into. I can't afford the time and I don't want to either."

"Fine. Why not?"

"Because we've got enough things to deal with and all this does is destroy the consistency we've maintained for almost a year now."

"I suppose you've made these quite topics very... sensitive."

"It affects a lot of people and they obviously won't want to deal with it either."

"Why'd you propose it in the first place then?"


"You love your psych projects don't you."

"Of course, but this one is just a little too extensive. Maybe the idea will be reused someday in a less... destructive setting/capacity."

"You realize we have the same speaking techniques. I would've stuck with you to the end y'know; whatever would've became of this situation I still would be there against all odds and presumptions."

"I know."

"Well? Now what?"

"I haven't the slightest idea, but let's continue to be consistent. At least we're moving forward."



Reogan said...

Forward sometimes may entail a sidestep or a retracing of steps, I think. It feels that way now, at least.

Met said...

History is a cycle. I know you move, but perhaps I shouldn't've said moving forward.

Met said...

Okay, so maybe you don't move. I shouldn't have said I know you move. *sigh* everything is figurative.

Reogan said...


Met said...

Well played.

Reogan said...