Friday, June 11, 2010

Stupid plot idea that absolutely WILL NOT leave me alone, Chapter One

(I also have no title for it. Sorry.)

Leah Avery shoved at the ink cartridge, trying to force it into the printer. "C'mon, fit," she muttered. "I've got to get this stupid newspaper printed or Mrs. Brooke is gonna kill me." After a few more minutes of struggling, Leah gave up. "Forget it. I'll just print the thing at home," she sighed to no one in particular. This had not been her day.

Oh, fantastic, she thought sarcastically as John Allen walked into the computer lab. John had been the bane of her existence since the beginning of their high school careers. He was arrogant, cocky, never seemed to date the same girl twice, was her only real competition for valedictorian, and worst of all, was the co-editor of their school's newspaper along with her. Which meant, naturally, that they spent excessive amounts of time together--and it made the whole ordeal all the more frustrating.

You can't deny it, commented an annoying little voice in Leah's head. You enjoy your little verbal sparring sessions with him.

Shut up, she replied to the voice.

Not only do you enjoy it, Journalism is the highlight of your day. You even look for him in the hallways, just to see if he'll talk to you.

Do not!

As John walked toward her, Leah did her best to ignore that voice that had seemingly cropped up out of nowhere. "What's up?"

"Did you get the paper printed yet? Mrs. Brooke wants to leave early, since it's Friday."

Leah sighed. "We ran out of ink, and I can't get the cartridge to fit. I'll just print it at home."

John winked, and Leah felt butterflies in her stomach--again, attempting to ignore them. "Let me try it. Fixing things is a man's job, after all."

She rolled her eyes and smacked the cartridge into his hand. "You can be a real pain sometimes, you know?"

"Kindness is a two-way street, Leah. Sure, I like getting you mad," he grinned, "but you take your snipes at me, too. Admit it--you totally love it."

"Maybe, she allowed, "but only when you're not acting like your sole purpose in life is to send me to a mental institution," she finished with a smirk, flexing her stiff fingers.


Reogan said...

Oh joy, another story that takes place in high school.

Elphaba said...

I told you, this story would not leave me alone. I tried to ignore it, and it totally didn't work. Sorry. It only lasts two chapters, though.

Met said...

Way to steal my last names. Who is this? SPC Avery's daughter? I'd think a daughter of a Special Forces commando would be more diciplined.

Reogan said...

You've a blog of your own, though, haven't you? I fail to see what forced your hand.

Elphaba said...

MET: I'm so sorry! I totally didn't mean to steal your last names! They're sort of an... inside joke with myself. I totally wasn't trying to take your last names,and I'm really sorry about that! I can change them if you'd like.

REOGAN: I needed something to post for today, and I didn't really have anything ready because I forgot until last night, so I put this up. I wanted to just get it overwith, but it got way too long, so I split it up.

Qupar said...

I know someone named John Allen, but I don't know anyone named Leah Avery.