Sunday, June 13, 2010


Sister Maria of the order of the Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Turmoil sped across the desierto mexicano, her habit pulling at her as she reached dangerous speeds. The sunlight flashed across the dusty chrome of her bike, and would have blinded her but for the sunglasses she had purchased at the last service station. She turned sharply and looked right to see past the dust cloud her wheels has kicked up.
The last town was little more than a shifting dot on the horizon. No vehicles were in sight. The nun resumed her course, and took her left hand from the handlebar. Plunging it into the sleeve of her right, she found the hidden pocket, within which a second pocket was secreted. Using the nails of her thumb and index finger, she carefully pulled out the single thread of the pocket to open its full depths, and from there she drew out a key no larger than an ant. The minute key was inserted into the round end of the left handlebar, and turned.
The icon-adorned instrument panel folded into itself, revealing a sensory pad. Maria pressed her rosary to the panel, and mentally recited the Hail Mary. She pulled back, and a chime like a church bell gave prelude to the appearance of a small button directly between the handlebars. As Maria pressed it, a gout of flame shot from the exhaust, and the nun tripled her speed.
Glancing up at the sun, Maria gauged she would be to the rendezvous at the Yucat√°n by nightfall.


Elphaba said...

Yay, Maria is back! For the moment, at least. She's awesome.

Reogan said...

Isn't she just?