Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sonnet X, Pain

Alone in shadowed solitude,
Above Earth's blood in molten veins,
Imprisoned in a platitude,
Waits noble girl - the Princess Pain.
Her vestment pulchritudinous,
Adorned with but a drop of Fear.
Her face holds beauty treacherous,
For with it, she draws mortals near.
Her sleeves conceal each wicked claw,
Her lips her wretched, gnashing teeth.
The first to bring Man to her maw,
The last with which his soul to eat.
A still wind blows, a cold heat falls
As thunder forth her silent calls.


Elphaba said...

What's a cold heat?

Reogan said...

A temperature that accompanies still wind and thundering, silent calls.

Elphaba said...


MNTY said...

i like it.