Friday, June 18, 2010


She saw them across the the street before they saw her. Normally, she would have been safely hidden by the large crowds, but everyone had disappeared in anticipation of the coming weather. Usually, she would have fled before they could glimpse her, but today her red Novice's robe would be seen the instant she stepped from the shadow of the  stall to run to an alley.

She closed her eyes, muttering a prayer to the gods she served and almost believed in.

Drunken laughter, then quiet.

Chanting now, coming from the girl's lips.

The wind died complete.

Footsteps on the pavement, getting closer.

A distant rumble of thunder.

She could count the men by the sound of their footsteps alone. Three.

The air filled with the smell of ozone.

The breath of ale on her face. A hand close enough to her face she could feel it.

The girl opened her eyes.

The storm broke.


Met said...

Nice job ner vod. You've saved my mind once again.

Reogan said...

I fear I take less meaning from that than I should. Or, at least, a parallel meaning: similar in all respects, but wrong.

Elphaba said...

This is way better than my stupid thing that went up! (Which, granted, would not take much doing, but it was a compliment nonetheless.) Very well done. :)

MNTY said...

i like this.