Tuesday, January 25, 2011


There once was a kitteh who wanted to haz
"O plz I can haz?" he begged,
But Longcat was too long to hear the request
And Ceiling Cat painfully vague.
And so little kitteh was left with out food,
And tearfully started too cry.
"Oh woe," said poor kitteh, "I haz nothing naow,
A sadness is all haz'd bai I!"
And then came the Walrus, with bukkit in hand
"Oh poor kitteh wai do you cry?"
"I wanted to haz," choked the kitteh through tears
The Walrus said "O kthxbai!"
But even while speaking, his bukkit was took
And like kitteh, the Walrus can't haz.
Here my sorrowful tale concludes with a thought:
"One must give if one wishes to haz."


Qupar said...

THAT IS AMAZING! It's like Dr. Seuss, but almost better, you should do more comical poetry.

Reogan said...

Idea. Find me humorous pictures of animals with captions. I shall go from there.